Wednesday, 12 September 2007



this here is an open letter for Judge Gary Hickinbottom, in his role as Chief Commissioner for the Tribunal Service, and that of his role as a Judge.

Last night Judge I came home and found the front gate open, unusual when I walked around to where the front door entrance is, it was open. so the game was afoot Judge as Shirlock was apt to say. I emptied my bag of shopping and wondered in the silence of my home what's going on upstairs.

Patience and Mr. W the occupier showed two people off the property telling them that he and Paul, that's the bully from n17, would strim the garden (I've yet to upload the video of the letter box situation videoed last week that shows the bind weed grower in his full glory) I also heard the male of the pair comment that 'its like a jungle getting out of here' My thoughts were 'I like god up close and personal as the all that is manifests as the plant kingdom, my own living sculpture awipe'

So I presume that the inevitable is about to happen and that he is going to sublet the property, like he did what 2002 or was it 2003 I'd have to check my files to the next door neighbours kid (n17). So I also deduce from the conversation I overheard that these two know the residents of n17 as well.

Now Judge I was given assurances by the Ombudsman that the property above would not be relet way back in 2000 until it conformed to building standard regulations and noone took any notice of that, noone took any notice of the request when Mr. W. cohabited with his bint for 3.5 yrs for an injunction against him ever returning to the property, that also was ignored.

I still claim that Cardiff County Council were wrong to sell him the property in its current condition i.e. still not conforming to minimum standard for sound insulation. Now that just the air bourne sound, nobody seems to give a monkees about the floor transmission sound between the upstairs n down, and I trust that my endeavours to raise that issue will eventually bear fruit, and no other vulnerable need have to put up with that in the future.

Now this is going to the usual suspects not the least Jonathan Morgan AM who is well aware of my attempts to get a hold of you Judge and yet again has done nothing to assist me in procuring that bit of information. maybe just one of the U.S. will do the right thing and forward this to you today, but somehow Judge I doubt that very much.(however it will go to the tribunal service part of the complaint regarding your doctor and criminal; negligence and the effect of housing on certain types of mental health sufferes like myself, who have been abused by to many people for far to long)

So it will seem that Cardiff County Council are free to break the Law i.e. Letting sub-standard properties, that this now private Landlord can go ahead and do the frigging same. I find it less that coincidental that since my last blog, the update to the CCC fail tenant again, that the stomp stomp stomp and the drop sh*t and drag has increased.

So what a tado huh! in my scribbling I have thought to write on the wall much like the last time a message a new warning to these wanna be tenants and it is this


Why to let them know that I operate under the Law of instant Karma perhaps (eh Mr. Lennon), its one of the lessons I teach Judge. Or am I going to have to wait on the ECHR before any of this happens, that there is any censure of CCC and the Welsh Assembly Government in doing nothing to assist me be moved to a home where I will not have my peacefull enjoyment destroyed.

It ironic that I on my way to finish this, the women who is having the state pay a former council tenant £500 per month, passes me in the street ah she has a house, why does she havc a house Dave? cos she got herself knocked up ergo has offspring. Well shortly judge I am gonna shoot a video of the the other type of tenancy that cardiff county council offer single people, its not gonna be a pritty sight judge, and or the quality of their day to day lives.


Now Mr. Rodney Berman of CCC has never once responded to the issues raised by any email I've sent him Judge so today I am gonna have to peddle to County Hall hand a copy of this in and ask for a receipt as proff of delivery. I am also going to have to update the dla blog with alternative attempts to find an address for you Judge Hickinbottom so that I could post you this letter, attached to a first page copy of said dla blog, and it would be this:

Fao. Judge Gary Hickinbottom
Chief Commissioner
DLA Tribunal Service 10/9/07

Hi Judge

Enclosed with this letter, in an envelope marked private and confidential, just so that we know where we stand Judge, you will find the first page of a blog. I am sure that you know what blogs are Judge and this one is part of many that can be accessed by going to

I have tried to get hold of you or ask the staff working for the Tribunal to acknowledge that they have passed these details onto you. It seems that they have refused. Maybe it because in the end I chose to use four letter words in my blogs, then forwarded them to their office. If that is the pitiful excuse that they try to employ in their defence judge, I would like you to ask them how many of then are fans of Denis Leary, or secret Chubby Brown fans or for the educated Lenny Bruce fans or for that matter the modern film buff, yet they get contrite if that is the excuse when modern society expressions are used in their day to day working life.

I bet there is not one of them who has never ever used the eff word. That is presupposaing that is their excuse Judge, for what other can there be, in their failure to reply or acknowledge that they did forward to you the details of this blog, and the negligence it highlights, by rights this letter should never have been necessary or the send it 'signed for' cost to me because at least that way I will know that they have received it.

Take a long hard look Judge at the rest of the blogs n banners and even the videos that I have placed for the ECHR to have a gander at, because so far there has been no Social Justice for me, or my kind, and if you do contact me do it via my email Judge, ask the office workers for it mentioned in the blogs.

Yours David Gabriel yz63 etc
15 garth place cardiff cf14 3hq.

Well there we go Judge, would you have received it and the phone number this latest source gave me just rang and rang and rang.

Oh the blog enclosed the dla mental health discrimination blog, the error in Law Judge is aiding n abetting in criminal negligence isn't it Chief Constable Barbara Wilding.

When there is noone to defend you, you have to do it yourself eh Crazydave. It sure as Dream Heaven looks like it.

Love n Light eh Oh and Judge check out the videos on the ECHR more video evidence blog just prtend that Denis Leary is commenting on all this on my behalf Huh.

UPDATE I RECEIVED THIS FROM THE POLICES INFO SECURITY, isn't it time Judge that they modified their censor to comply with article 10 freedom of expression of the human rights act????????????????

This message is sent from an unattended mailbox.
The South Wales Police Email Policy has stopped you from sending this email as
it contains language or material that the recipient is not authorised to use.
Please remove any unacceptable language or inappropriate material and resend the
email. Alternatively, if this email is for business purposes,; may apply to the Information Security
office to release your email, otherwise it will be automatically deleted in 7
Message details
Message: B46e7e7cb0000.000000000001.0002.mml
From: crazydave
Subject: where is Judge Gary Hickinbottom
Date and time: 09/12/07 14:21:15

I've had a few of these and normally I reply letting the two addresses know that I have received this, today I ain't bothering. ps the print out is 5 pages at 20p per page plus the internet charge of course.


I don't know what happened above it was clear that the email was for the police authority and Hayley. So judge I rang the number given me and got your address Judge the Harp House address. Later I rang back to see if your secretary would take the blog details of the crazydave files, but she refused, a bit miffed that a low life scumbag like me got her number, and I am sorry to the sourse of that number, that I divulged it to her. I trust that you don't get in any trouble for my honesty, eh Judge in any fair system that ought to be automatic to receive. Why wouldn't she take the details Judge after all it would have made everything a lot simpler.

Oh and yes I delivered a copy of the above marked private n confidential for Rodney Berman and got my receipt. end of update.

UPDATE THURS 13/9/07 HEY JUDGE here's the reply from the ministry of justice regarding the freedom of info request for your email address in your capacity as Chief Commissioner for the Tribunal Service.

Dear Mr Gabriel

Sorry you couldn't open the attachment. Here is the text of the letter as requested.

Yours sincerely

David Barlow
Freedom of Information Officer
Access Rights Unit
Constitution Directorate
Ministry of Justice
5th Floor
Boulton House
17-21 Chorlton Street
M1 3HY
Tel: 0161 238 6166
Fax: 0161 238 6161


Mr David Gabriel
Our ref: 53216Your ref:

12 September 2007

Dear Mr Gabriel

Subject: Freedom of Information Request

Thank you for your e-mail dated 9 August 2007 to the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), in which you requested the e-mail address of Chief Commissioner Judge Hickinbottom.

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 recognises that there are occasions when a public authority is not obliged to comply with a request for information where that request is repeated or vexatious. For example, section 14(1) of the Act states:

(1) Section 1(1) does not oblige a public authority to comply with a request for information if the request is vexatious.

Having regard to the Information Commissioner's guidance on the meaning of this provision (which is available on his website), I have considered that the Department is not obliged to comply with your request because it falls within the terms of section 14(1).

Your continued requests impose a significant burden on the MoJ due to the distraction to standard operations that they cause. The Freedom of Information Act does give a right of access to information however this does not entitle people to make vexatious or repetitious requests. This is to ensure that people do not abuse of the rights given by the Act. The Information Commissioner in his guidance on vexatious requests states that requests which are manifestly unreasonable and which would impose substantial burdens on the financial and human resources of public authorities can be refused.

We are aware that you have sent repeated e-mails to the Cardiff Tribunals Service office which have no relevance to any business you may have with that office. For instance, in the three days prior to 29 June 2007, approximately 74 e-mails from your account(s) were received, and the e-mails all appeared to contain copies of 'blogs' which bore no relationship to any business you may have with that office. The effect of this behaviour is to re-direct resources away from the Department's core business, to the detriment of other customers of the Department whose legitimate requests for information are delayed to having to handle your communications.

Taking into account the pattern and frequency of e-mails sent to the Department by yourself, it is our view that to release the e-mail address of Judge Hickinbottom could result in unnecessary and excessive e-mails being sent by yourself, therefore disrupting the business of the Department. Also, it is not normal practice for judicial office holders to engage in direct correspondence with members of the public.

Due to the nature and number of requests received by you previously, this current request can fairly be characterised as obsessive or manifestly unreasonable. A public authority is not obliged to comply with a request which a reasonable person would describe as obsessive or manifestly unreasonable. As such I am refusing to respond to this request or to other requests of this nature.

If you wish to raise complaints regarding the handling of an appeal you may have with the Tribunals Service, you should put your complaint in writing to the following address:

Customer Services Manager
Tribunals Service
Child Support and Child Support Appeals Tribunal
Eastgate House
Newport Road
CF24 0YP


If you are unhappy with the result of your request for information you may request an internal review within two calendar months of the date of this letter. If you wish to request an internal review please contact:

Access Rights Unit
Ministry of Justice
Post Point 6.17
Selborne House
54-60 Victoria Street

If you are not content with the outcome of the internal review, you have the right to apply directly to the Information Commissioner for a decision. The Information Commissioner can be contacted at:

Information Commissioner's Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane


Yours sincerely

David Barlow
and here judge was my reply

Hi David
I find your letter an outrageous lie, and therefore I will make the complaint to the necessary dept. Its a pity that you do not supply an email address for that office, in order to save complainants time and inconvienience. The 85 blogs that were sent, was due to the fact that the Tribunal service refused to print them off.
You say that they 'bore no relationship to any business I have with that office' I wonder if the Judge will agree with your prognosis, or mine that the GP on the panel should have been made aware of the various issues facing me and their effect on my day to day health n welfare, and that their decision not to set aside was flawed due to them not accessing the blogs. i.e. relevant information, and complaints of abuse by my landlord who is the county council.
That complaints by vulnerable adults of neglect ought to have been listened to and acted upon, and in not so doing they are guilty of aiding and abetting criminal negligence. The same as those other members of the Tribunal Service that have refused to acknowledge they have passes the details onto the Chief Commissioner.
I have only to my knowledge asked your office for Two freedom of information requests, so your claim that they are obsessive and manifestly unreasonable.
as ever this will be attached to the blog 'judge gary hickinbottom where are you' part of the files maybe the judge might just agree that this is further game playing by the Tribunal Service in attempting to pervert the course of justice.
Your Crazydave.

Well do you agree Judge Gary, are you able to call a public inquiry Judge I really do think you oughtta.

UPDATE 20/9/07

Hi everybody, I've checked the Royal Mail site for the received date of the Judges office, and for the record I was unable to download it and place it here, but I have printed it off for evidential purposes as they say.

It was signed for on the 14/9/07 at 1115 hours. As yet I have heard nothing from any of the USUAL SUSPECTS then that's not unusual is it crazydave (regarding the injunction or any of this). I havent had a reply to the letter receipt received handed in a Cardiff County Council's main office either marked private n confidential for Rodney Berman.

What I have received is a letter from a Mr. Denis Hall the responsive Repairs Manager for the Community Maintenance Service, re: Gas Check and the annual gas service check Oh Hum eh Crazydave Oh Hum indeed.

This is the last line of Mr. Hall's letter to quote "If we can't gain access with your permission, we will work with the Housing Office for your area and forcibly gain access to carry out the work"

Oh isn't that nice, their gonna bust up my door to gain access to a piece of equipment that their last engineer put out of commission because the council did not check the work of sub-contractors they employ to put in new equipment???? Oh marvelous, it was ok for the contractors to leave it held together with electrical tape, I mean that must have been the bloody specification eh Mr. Hall.

So he's gonna contact those same housing officer's who refused to get a court order demanding me to take down my front garden screen, the same housing officer's who refused to supply me with a corporate complaint number, regarding a letter from them prior to that one, and any investigation of my rebuttal to that one oh way back in nov 2005, and followed up by me through 2007 and as yet even today. The letter that My MP's office told me they were gonna deal with but never did, isn't that right Mrs Julie Morgan.

Those same housing officer's who have attempted to constructively evict me with that 2005 letter, Those same housing officer's who let the property in the first place knowing that it did not meet minimum standards in building regulations for letting, but went ahead anyway, becausee 'they thought'. These same housing officers are gonna say hey Council Gas Check dude we'll help you bust up Crazydave's place, because 'we like f**king with that MF' or is someone missing something here??????????????????

Let hope that you Judge will finally get the drift to all of this, and lay a little bit of the social justice in Crazydave's favour, and help with the inquiry into the continued 'criminal negligence' performed by the welsh assembly the county council and the tribunal service or are you all afraid that in the end you will have to admit that certain things are very amiss with our governmental system, that has corporate frauds like the rent revenue account still in place, and that heads of council's should deal with their electronic mail as well as their paper mail.

PS. fortunately I have received an email address for you today Judge and this update will be coming your way, because and I will say it again, you have had since the 14/9/07 a copy of this blog with all the relevant details to access the 85 blogs one of your 'sorry freedom of information request regarding contact details for servants of the people are not available to the people' TOLD ME WERE EXCESSIVE

Why is that judge, afraid that to many malcontents will inundate you, with complaints???? Or aren't errors in Law applicable to Tribunal Service users?????????? Like the consideration of documents pertaining to a clients situation????

Oh and last week Judge I sent the ECHR a copy of the first page of my bbc email file it took 3 pages of A4 and a copy of all the House of Lords email addresses that I had sent my various blogs to that was 5x A4 sheets in the hope that I will be secured a means of transferring all the data in my emails files for again evidential purposes. Well time to post this then copy paste the update and forward it to The U.S. plus the email address I have for you Judge, maybe just maybe someone somewhere might finally listen to me.

That 'ud be a change eh Crazydave. Yep it surely would, maybe just maybe then more than a few heads might just roll eh Judge Gary hickinbottom????

UPDATE 22/9/07
Hi everyone,

Here’s the latest Judge Hickinbottom, let me say that I haven’t checked my email today 21/9/07 so I do not know if your on the case yet. I can only hope that you are, but somehow I rather doubt it, past experience and all that old boy.

Well on Friday the 21/9/07 I received another letter from Mr. Denis Hall (see previous update for details) unlike the 17/9/07 letter where an unspecified period of between 01/10/07 and 12/10/07 this gas engineer was supposed to turn up, in this one dated 20/9/07 (did someone forward him my blog of that day where he was mentioned? Or was it yet more of your psychic ability on display Crazydave hmmmm?)

What ever, it seems that Mr. Harris has brought the date forward nay he even deigns to be specific on day and time the 27/9/07 between 1200hrs and 1600hrs. He claims that they have called and left cards, He also goes on to say once again “If you do not provide access as required under the tenancy agreement we will force entry and undertake these gas safety checks with or without your permission”. He then goes on to tell me he strongly recommends that I get in touch with his office or “If you do not make contact we WILL (his italics and underlined) force entry to your property”

Well Judge lets see, if I let the MF’s in to my home? Here is the likely series of events, its really a re-run of their last visit, where the engineer peeled back the duck tape that the contractor had fixed the new smaller than the previous gas fire to the wall surround. Then phone his office and have the boss Mr. Llewellyn tell him to decommission the appliance, under the illusion that they are concerned for my health.

Now I will spell it out for you Judge, I very rarely use that appliance because since 2006 following the visit from the IPCC bitch, and the removal of evidence likely to lead to a prosecution (i.e. the tampering with the hot water tank by filling it with debris that contained plaster). I had a new heating system put in the property (while painting the Buddha banner in fact) Which means that I now have a radiator in the lounge, and its only on rare occasions that I have the gas fire on, and then for less than half an hour. Being well aware of the danger, because whatever I might or might not be, one of them is not an idiot.

By now Judge I would have hoped that you would be well aware of my situation, if I don’t ring I’ll be giving this MF’er Mr. Hall an excuse for some legalised breaking and entering.(maybe he gets a kick out of issueing threats judge, a bit like the goons from Cardiff County council who manhandled your banners from the roadside furniture oh so long ago) If there were some semblance of social justice in this country I would hope that following your receipt of this Judge you might take out another injunction putting Mr. Hall in his place, till such time as there has been a thorough investigation into the goings on at this particular tenancy. Not least is the question I would hope you’d ask on my behalf Judge “How come there was no radiator in Mr. Gabriel’s lounge until 2006 when he had been living there since 1999”.

You might wonder about those other vulnerable adults who had been forced to live here prior to my taking up the tenancy Judge. Seeing as one time a certain labour councillor informed me that it had been split into flats for 25 yrs. That his only concern was that the property had been converted into flats in the first place, none apparently for the daylight robbery that a false Rateable value provides for all and sundry, or the lack of privacy, or of intimidation etc etc etc.

Ever had an interest in numerology Judge 27/9/2007 converts to 9/9/9. Well seeing as there are no coincidences Judge, I am into my 9th year of ‘Nobody really gives a sh*t about you Crazydave’.

It reminds me of the mural on my ceiling that I painted prior to ‘the 2 additional layers of plaster board should do the trick’ sound insulation people recommended to bring the property up to building standard for airborne sound, got it covered up. Yeah 41 separate stars, painted like views to a clear blue sky, portals to other universes, or a symbolic picture of the stomp, stomp, stomp from above. Yeah, my 41st year of birth, and Lo an Behold Judge I’ve just painted 9 circles in my new look bathroom.

Well Judge would you do me the courtesy of taking out said injunction on my behalf regarding this Mr. Hall from bothering me anymore, with threats of forced entry.

Cos frankly judge I really, really don’t want these people in my home, and decommissioning this appliance, needlessly once again, and this time probably doing it in such a way that I will not be able to make good their vandalism. They can make good it, once I have been moved to more suitable accommodation, which I pray will not be far off but near at hand. So that I nolonger suffer underneath bastards.

One thing about these latest letter’s from Cardiff county council Judge they at least contain an email address and I will be adding Mr. Hall’s to the same one that I send to Richard Evans of BBC Radio Wales fame, that contains the one that I have been given for you. Time will tell if it is one that you have used prior to receiving stuff from me Judge.

Or am I to write a blog whose banner headline could well read ‘Judge Hickinbottom sued for aiding and abetting the criminal negligence of Crazydave and other vulnerable adults in the uk’ Cos I’ve had about enough of this game playing Judge and I just take Mr. Hall’s letter as yet another attempt by the council to constructively evict me. Same as the No Reply from Rodney Berman the chairman of the council Judge to an earlier copy of this blog.

I really, really, really, think that any requirements under the tenancy agreement flew out the window as far as Cardiff County Council .v. Crazydave goes based on their refusal to provide me with a corporate complaint number.

Or should I say to Mr. Hall ‘send the MF’er on the 27/9/07 between times stated Mr. Hall’ and I’ll video the whole shebang to put up on asap. So we can all see these MF’ers in action. Then I’ll bill the council for £1,000,000.00 for wasting my time and causing unnecessary distress, for the last 8 years.


One final thing Judge, I trust you have read the blogs that deal with brainwave synchronisation. Another area that this technology may well be used in is the treatment of Alzheimer’s patient’s, if indeed Mr. Harris of centerpointe is right that new neural pathways are created with its use. Why not have a neurologist analyse Mr. Harris’s evidence and maybe introduce it into treatment programmes for Alzheimer’s, along with its use for mental and emotional health sufferers, and those recovering from strokes.

Maybe the only reason that the BMA has any issues with bringing something like this into treatment for certain mental health sufferers, is that it might mean, the beginning of the end to psychiatry which is nothing more than disguised voyeurism, masquerading as science, in my opinion based on the one I have had dealings with, who appeared more interested in impressing his secretary, than in knowing why a patient was visiting him.

While where on the subject of the healing arts. There are products on the market that claim to assist muscular growth through small electric shocks to the body. I am sure that you have seen them Judge. The reason that I mention this is that an acquaintance has been in an induced coma for a while, due health problems caused by alcohol miss use. I wonder if his physical recovery would be aided by their use? As well as others, who are, bed ridden, as part of their recovery. I have never seen them in use in hospitals, and wonder what the Health Professional would say to this suggestion? Either the product has some efficacy or else they are a con, and ought to be removed from the market place.

I’d appreciate you asking for research into both suggestions Judge because Good Ole Doc Gibbon sure hasn’t been interested as the then Health Minister at the Welsh Assembly. I truly hope top hear from you regarding this Judge or one of the Usual Suspects funding the necessary injunction, with regard Cardiff County Council issuing me any more threats or from acting on those issued recently.

I HOPE THAT YOU GET THE DRIFT Mr. Hall and do not send your engineer out purely to switch this appliance off, that’s if the judge doesn’t get in touch during the week eh Judge or one of the Usual Suspect acts for a change, or Mr. Hall can knock out another swift letter this coming monday and provide assurances that given the information above, the appliance will not be decommissioned. EH JUDGE GARY.


UPDATE 26/9/07 Hey thanks Judge for not getting intouch so far, I wonder if Mr. Hall is instructing his employee to disconnect the appliance, or check it and leave it and me in peace?????????????????(I have rectified the mistake of the url on the welsh assembly the Crazydave files, for this blog).

Hey thanks for replying at least Judge. Here is his letter then followed by my reply.

Dear Mr Gabriel 24/9/07

Thank you for your undated letter.

The Social security Commissioners are independent judges appointed by the Crown to hear appeals on points of law only from Social security & child Support Appeals Tribunals (formerly called appeals Services Tribunals). Unless and until an appeal (or application for leave to appeal) is made to a Commissioner, the Commissioners have no remit: and, when an appeal is made, their remit restricted to dealing as judges with the appeal that is before them. Each application/appeal has a unique reference number assigned to it upon receipt by the Commissioners’ Office. As Chief Commissioner, I am effectively the presiding judge responsible for the judicial administration of the Commissioners (including complaints against the conduct of Commissioners in the course of their judicial work): but I have no wider jurisdiction in relation to the social security and welfare benefit system.

I appreciate from your letter that you have various concerns about how your application for DLA has been dealt with. If you have never made an appeal to the Commissioners, then I cannot become involved in your case. However, if you have made such an appeal, to enable me to determine whether I am able to consider any of your concerns could you please let me have the reference number of your appeal to the Commissioners, which will appear on any correspondence or ruling you have received from our office. I ask you for this as we have no record of your ever having made an appeal. As my powers are restricted to considering the conduct of Commissioners (as opposed to the merits of any appeal), please also indicate the precise complaint you make about the conduct of the Commissioner whop dealt with your case.

I await hearing from you. Once you have provided me with sufficient information to enable me to identify your appeal and the complaint about the Commissioner you wish to make, I shall investigate and write to you again.

Yours faithfully
Gary Hickinbottom.
Judge Gary Hickinbottom
Chief Commissioner
Tribunal Service


Hi Judge Hickinbottom

Thanks for your letter dated 24/9/07. I had hoped that you would have read the DLA blog of mine, perhaps that would have explained how it is that you have no record of my never having made an appeal. It seems that the staff at the Tribunal Service office have done their best to insure that no appeal would ever be heard.

The only reference number that I do have is the one for my appointment with the Panel 188/06/00204. You will see that they knew that I wished to appeal the Tribunal Decision and they played games with semantics regarding the request for a document called a STATEMENT OF REASONS. When they knew full well that is the document I was requesting. If you read the blog you will find that they didn’t even know your correct name as chief commissioner. Nor did they supply the said document when they received an email titled ‘confirmation request for a statement of reasons’

That’s why you will not have a record. I call it attempting to pervert the course of justice Judge. The error in Law, in my request for the decision to be ‘set aside’ was initially, prejudice against those with mental health issues, and then I found out that their procedural error in not printing off my blogs would meet ‘the specs’ for these people.

In those blogs they would have found wholesale Criminal Negligence by all so called enabling agencies. Not least of those my housing situation, and the abuse I have suffered at the hands of Cardiff County Councils housing dept. and or many others like corporate benefit fraud allowed due to flawed legislation that directly affects the rent levels of council tenants, and their rent revenue account.

That the doctor on the panel would maybe have done something to help with my housing situation would have been something, but then Dr. Brian Gibbon the Health Minister hasn’t given a toss a bout that or that of the water company refusing to write of my supposed debt, which would mean that I would have £5 per week more to provide for myself, whether that be in terms of heating through the winter, or update my clothes or what ever.

As these Tribunals are mini courts those claims of criminal negligence ought to be heard by someone. But they refused to even look at my blogs the only copy they had was the one ‘Dr. Gibbon in the KaKa’ that I had printed off, not that the Dr. on the panel took that to the BMA, or anywhere else.

So yes Judge, I think that you ought to have a good look at the way your Tribunal Service conducts its business in Cardiff, check out the DLA blog if you have the time. I appreciate that it might appear confusing, but I really think you will get the drift i.e. my attempts to get an appeal, that these documents ought to have been read by the panel, and maybe offered me the mobility section of the claim out of some semblance of care. Because they know that I never ever never ever wish to return to the working world, and that income support at its current levels comes nowhere near any kind of living allowance.

Like insufficient for me to ever afford a TV Licence or the running cost of a TV in terms of the electricity, if that monopoly did not exist at least I could watch independent TV and enjoy the creativity of movie makers. But then it appear that the panel would prefer those with mental health difficulties a life of very little in terms of finance, to compound their health difficulties.

I trust that you will read my efforts to get hold of an appeal, and the games these DLA people have played, and decide in my favour that they have made a determined effort to aid n abet in the Criminal Negligence of Crazydave. I hope that you will also watch the videos and see the police’s role in protecting the Welsh Assembly Government from any prosecution (the same as the media), or public inquiry into the Criminal Negligence of vulnerable adults, the client group of the DLA Tribunal by refusing to challenge legislation that deals with houses of multiple occupancy where a heck of a lot of us vulnerable adults live.

The final question is Judge are your panel supposed to act when they have allegations of abuse by clients, should your doctor on the panel act when abuse is mentioned in these ‘proceedings’ or are they like the ones who poo pooed my complaints allowed to carry on in their negligent ways.

yours David Gabriel 15 Garth Place Gabalfa Cardiff CF14 3HQ
see blogs and please don’t tell me like the Crown Prosecution Service that you cannot access them, where there’s a will there is a way judge, Mr. Whoolley just didn’t have the will cos maybe he would have had to do something on my behalf, if he did read them, just like your panel.

pps I take it from your reply Judge that you have not read the DLA blog I wonder why? or your own perhaps ( and that today I am waiting for Mr. Hall’s storm troopers to visit, I wonder if they will leave it till gone 1600hrs to turn up and what will their response be to a video camera on them, if they do.

Social Justice for vulnerable adults Judge not much to ask is it, in this society of plenty. The Welsh Assembly has so far proved that it practices social exclusion or else I would not be knocking on the door of the ECHR, would I.

later that day.

ppps They didn’t turn up Judge so I rang the council on the number their letter said, and talked to a Mike who said that Dennis Hall doesn’t work for the Council any more. Question does that invalidate their letter with him a signatory??? Apparently there’s a Kerry Powell in charge, and I was told that it’s a waste of time sending emails, then why on earth do they have them as points of contact on their letters???

So I will have to ring again, given the time this lot is causing me to waste I wonder if I ought to send the council a bill for £500.00 Judge, to cover inconvenience, waiting time, going to the phone, and time taken in writing and uploading this lot costs, just on this one thing alone, as well as being available for another date or else they will bash in my doors, never mind the 8 years on all the other stuff as well.

Your better off phoning, I was told, don’t they look at their email, or is it more “lets have a laugh at this one’s expense” game playing, lets not turn up, same as Mr. Rodney Berman Chairman of the council who still refuses to reply to letters or email from me, Malfeasance in any non-corrupt jury’s eyes I should imagine Judge.

Maybe Judge if one of the panel had acted upon reading my blogs and the allegations of wilful neglect and victimization made in them, then this game playing by cardiff county council employees would have ended way back then. As it is, well check the videos judge, you might have wondered like me, how is it that they have not provided adequate fencing between me and 15a, and that I have had to make do with green bags and netting to protect my garden.

I just hope that in your capacity as a judge, and not just the Chief Commissioner for the DLA Tribunal you will choose to bring what ever protection in Law I might be allowed, to once and for all end all this Judge, allegations of Criminal Activity so far not disproved Judge, and if I have slandered anyone in my blogs (see bbc excuse for taking my content off their web site) how is it that, I am not currently facing any charges for it??????